3 population hematology analyzer

The OX – 360 is the ideal solution for laboratories with a small number of tests per day.
With its optimized design and solutions to simplify daily tasks, the OX – 360 is the economical alternative for laboratories.

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Clear, user-friendly interface
Large integrated 80 mm printer for better reading of results
Automated maintenance via the service menu
Automatic calculation of variation coefficients

Import / export of results via USB stick
Alarms with text message and automatic re-analysis if necessary
Large 10.4 color touch screen with high resolution

Precise and adapted selection of components : France USA, Japan
Excellent repeatability and accuracy (CV and background)

OX-360 Fiche produit - OX SERIES BALIO

Technical specifications


3 populations, 21 parameters, 60 tests per hour
Impedance and cyanide-free method for HGB
Patented integrated printer, 80 mm wide paper


Size 368 x 448 x 475 mm
Weight 23 kg

OX-360 Fiche produit - OX SERIES BALIO

To go further

Sample volume 14 µL whole blood and 20 µL pre-diluted
40,000 sample memory including results and histograms
QC system : Levey-Jennings, SD and CV averaging, 9 control files
Data ports : network, RS232, 4 USB ports

OX-360 Fiche produit - OX SERIES BALIO


Repeatability (CV)
GB ≤ 2%
HGB ≤ 1.5%
MCV ≤ 0.5%
GR ≤ 1.5%
PLT ≤ 4.%

GB 7.0 – 15.0 × 109/L
HGB 100 – 180 g/L
MCV 70.0 – 110.0 fL
GR 3.50.0 – 6.50 × 1012/L
PLT 150.0 – 500 × 109/L

OX-360 Fiche produit - OX SERIES BALIO

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