Biochemistry Analyzer 300 tests per hour

The Balio Diagnostics Biochemistry Analyzer AX – 300 was developed to facilitate the daily work in the laboratory with two maintenance-free micro syringes, automatically adjusted sampling needles and the adjustment of the positions directly via the software. Its powerful optical system provides high sensitivity, which is essential for routine analysis.

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Quick installation and start-up of the analyzer
Remote control
Reusable reaction cuvettes
Automatic cleaning of the cuvettes
Easily accessible components
Easy to maintain

Windows 10 system and bi-directional LIS
Powerful and user-friendly interface
2 multifunctional precision syringes and needles for samples and reagents

Refrigerated compartments for reagents and samples
Sampling needle made of special hydrophobic steel
Precision micro-pump with ceramic piston

AX-300 Balio Diagnostics - AX SERIES

Technical specifications

General specifications

Multiparametric biochemistry automat 300 tests per hour constant
Principles : colorimetry and turbidimetry
Calibration : linear and non-linear


Size 920 (L) x 650 (W) x 1120 (H) mm
Weight 170 kg

AX-300 Fiche produit - AX SERIES BALIO

Sample system

Sample tray : 70 sample positions
Sample identification : optional barcode
Sample holders : micro-cup, test tube and blood collection tube
Sample volume : 2 – 30 µL in 0.1 µL increments
Probe : liquid surface detection, liquid volume monitoring, collision avoidance

AX-300 Fiche produit - AX SERIES BALIO

Reagent system

Reagent tray : 70 reagent positions
Refrigeration : non-stop cooling system with Peltier buffer
Sample identification : optional barcode
Sample volume : 20 – 300 µL, in 1 µL increments
Reaction volume : 150 – 330 µL

AX-300 Fiche produit - AX SERIES BALIO

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